Instantly eliminating viruses in the built environment

Introducing Blitz

We are making door handles that instantly eliminate any virus after each utilization

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Customer pain points

Most common indirect transmission of COVID-19 is with high touch surfaces like door handles

40-60% of building occupants can be contaminated in a few hours

Short term solutions like wiping or hooks are not scalable and sustainable

How long is Coronavirus detectable on surfaces ?


3 hours


4 hours


24 hours

Stainless steel

2 – 3 days


3 days

COVID-19 World
Active indirect contamination on handles

With BLITZ, the new normal
No indirect contamination on handles

...Blitz Door Handle
How it works ?

Blitz is self-powered with lithium batteries and its using smart sensors to detect the usage of the handles. Blitz will indicate with a yellow light that the handle is potentially contaminated and using four sensors will detect if anyone is around or touching the handle. It will then turn the light red and will clean the handle in one second.

Peace of mind
Systematic and radical sanitization after each utilization

Instantly eliminates any virus

Low maintenance
Battery change after 15000 cleanings

No use of chemicals, low energy consumption

4 sensors detect best time to sanitize

Safety can also be aesthetic

Easy to deploy on new & retrofit
Anyone can install quickly on most doors

Displays your brand

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